Green Gem: Asparagus

by Emily on August 10, 2011

I’m talking paint today…not the vegetable, even though I adore eating asparagus!  There are so many different hues of green paint out there, one could go batty trying to pick a shade.  Being a green maven, I can categorize greens pretty quickly; too minty, too seafoam, much too kelly, too limey, etc.  But, one beautiful green paint choice is Behr’s Asparagus!

We painted our kitchen in Asparagus about a year ago and I have to say that I love this color everyday! It’s one of my favorite decisions we made on our home…that and the revamped white cabinets in the kitchen (Asparagus and Benjamin Moore White Dove look amazing together)!

Others have had a good response to this green gem as well:

image via DecorPad

image via Apartment Therapy

image via Not Quite Vintage


image via Design Sponge

Seeing my asparagus in all those fancy blogs makes me happy about my decision too!  Wow..who knew!

finding all those great photos of Asparagus green via Google Images

PS-I’ll upload a photo of our Asparagus kitchen as soon as I finish one more project!  :)

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