Green Gem: Deco Color

by Emily on August 24, 2011

A certain little man had a fab birthday party this weekend (hip, hip, hooray to his Mama) and I was looking for the perfect idea for decorating his gift box.  I found the awesomeness that is the Deco Color Paint Markers!  These things are great–stinky pen but great!  They appear to be able to write on anything; I have tried them on paper and more exciting for me…plastic bins!  I didn’t take a pic of Mo’s explorer box but I did decorate a box of my own today!  They come is lots ‘o colors but of course I bought the green one!

Amazon tells me it’s also weatherproof-great news for Mo & his exploring!  By the way, you do know that none of the gems we talk about on our blog are paying us to write this review…it’s honest to goodness, straight talkin’ business from our own experience that we want to share with you.





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