Green Gem: Making Green Onions Last

by Andrea on August 3, 2011

Oh, Pinterest.  You are no longer just a pretty face, or in this case, a collection of pretty photos.  As if I didn’t already love you enough, you are now becoming a source of recipes and tips. Tell me exactly, what is it that you cannot do?

The latest tip I repinned during my Pinterest adventures was freezing chopped green onions.  Perhaps this is something everyone is already doing, but it had never even crossed my mind.  If you are like me, you can’t quite make it through the green onion bunch before it starts to go bad.  Instead of wasting green onions, chop them up while they are still good, put them in a glass or plastic container, and pop them in the freezer:

In the future when your recipes call for green onions, just sprinkle them in, and pop the rest back in the freezer.  I often use green onions in Mo’s soups, but I will definitely start tossing them into many more dishes since they will be so handy.

And a final little tip from me…  grab your kitchen scissors to chop green onions.  I used to chop green onions with a knife.  That’s fine, but it’s nowhere near as fast as using your kitchen scissors.  Using scissors in the kitchen is right up there with Pinterest in how much it has changed my life.

image and tip via Pinterest

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