The BIG 100!

by Emily on August 5, 2011

100 what you may ask?  No, I have not been able to purge 100 like Andrea-she’s my idol.  But rather together we have written 100 posts to Our Little Gems!  Yeah us!

You may recall here when we were two inexperienced blogging buds looking for a creative outlet so we started our Our Little Gems.  Happy to say that we’ve written about some bits & bobs we love, created some great stuff, accomplished some goals that we set for ourselves, had great parties (Oh La La, Pink/Black, Tutu Shower) plus so much more along the way!  I’m a “talker,” Andrea knows that…(so does her loving hubby when that phone rings), so obviously I have a lot more to say about how great we feel that we’ve hit 100, but we’d like to share a couple of wonderful changes to our site.

Do you see it?  Yep…new tabs to our menu bar!  So if you’d like to search for all the bits & bobs, green gems or projects we’re working on, just click the shiny new tab!  We hope that makes it easier for you-our readers to find what you’d like to read.  If there’s been another category that you want to see, just tell us and we’ll add it!

As a side note, I’d like to say that the WordPress Thesis theme is amazing if you’re looking for WordPress template.  I spent a good 45 minutes looking to add these shiny new tabs under all the WordPress forums.  I sat trying to understand code that people post to populate these tabs with the appropriate categories.  Then our Tech Intern pops in and says “it’s really easy, just click on the buttons in the Thesis theme and it will add automatically!”  Uhh duhh….of course they’ll make it that easy!  I guess that’s why it’s official, we’ve promoted our Tech Intern to Senior Tech Intern for always helping out his not-nearly-as-techy-wife-and great friend!

Happy 100!  Cheers to OLG and here’s to 100 more!





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