Birthday Banner

by Emily on September 8, 2011

As I mentioned yesterday, I had a real urge to sew leading up to Pip’s Birthday, and one of my projects was to make a more permanent birthday banner or garland.   I was happy to find the felt and fat quarters at JoAnn’s Fabric & Crafts in wonderful shades of green, turquoise blue and orange as well as the double fold quilt binding.  I decided to go with the colors that frequent our lives, and they just happened to fit with the color scheme for the Splash birthday!  I found Kirsten’s Creations blog had the best tutorial for this project! Although she mentioned that she didn’t photograph enough, I found her steps very helpful! Thank you!

I made a large triangle template from the shape tool in Word, and then printed and pinned in on the felt.  I just used plain printer paper, and for the 14 flags, the plain paper held up just fine.

After each triangle was cut out, I laid down the printed letters to cut out.  Again I just used a font in Word that was a bit more “blocky” than I would normally choose, but I was worried about my top-stitching skills and wanted a very straight line to follow.

After the blue felt flags were cut and all the letters were cut, I did a zig-zag stitch over the edges of the colored fabric to hold in place.  I decided not to do the extra work of turning down the sides of the colored fabric but happily the zig-zag held them in place very well.

After all the colored decorative fabric was in place, I pinned on the felt letters, and then started to do a top stitch with embroidery floss.  Having not done much with embroidery floss since our 5th grade class cross-stitch project, I was worried it would look too random, but I think it turned out just fine.

I wasn’t too worried about spacing all the stitches exactly on all the letters but rather just tried to make them match on the individual letter.

After all the letters were in place, I laid them all out on the table and pinned the double fold quilt binding to attach all the flags together.  I started with the center flag and worked out to ensure that I had space enough on the ends to hang it.  For the very end piece of the binding, I folded the end under to make a small loop to hang the banner!

Here’s the final product!

And here’s my inspiration!  Although my back porch doesn’t look as beautiful as Kirsten’s, I think I got the effect that I was hoping for with the banner!  Next family birthday is just one month away so I can hardly wait to get it out and hang it again!

The only other thing that I think I’ll put on my list to invest in, is a pair of pinking sheers!  Kirsten’s looked great with the scalloped edge and I think it could be fun for further crafts.  I attempted with the paper sheers but they didn’t cut the felt properly so just another items on my Christmas list?!

final image via Kirsten’s Creations


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