Bits & Bobs We ♥: Back to School Vibe

by Emily on September 19, 2011

I don’t think that I’ve mentioned before but I am a high school teacher.  Some people will literally shutter when I say those words but it has been a wonderful match for me professionally.  I was working on another Bits & Bobs post when I sat back and started to reflect on our first week of school/work and I started to smile at the vibe that runs through the school at the beginning of the year.

I don’t know if it’s part the awkward stage that teenagers go through when they can’t quite tell if they’re excited or spiteful that they’re back in their seats, but the energy that runs through their veins is wonderful.  Most start the year off with a timidness that usually lasts about a nano-second, then move into a full on please-don’t-lecture-me-on-day-one kind of attitude and then we gently fall into the dazed mode when I explain to the class that I might have something valuable for them to learn.

Now this doesn’t even play into the subtleness of checking out each others new clothes, new bags, new classroom utensils, or the sacred new student, that is just a priceless thing to watch.  It’s something that just brings a smile to my face.

There’s a great energy in the halls of school during the first week too.  One, of students actually caring that they get to class on-time so they don’t appear to be the last ones in class while everyone else is seated. But also of the staff members.  Everyone is rejuvenated after their summers (usually) and feeling excited for the upcoming adventure.  Teachers are ready and posed at their  doors, greeting the young minds as they enter into their classroom.

I won’t lie, I’ve already had my hands full with a class period with 23 boys and 7 girls and have already had to discuss the elephant in the room-testosterone.  Oh dear will I have my hands full.  And yes, that same class has already sent some start-of-the-year-stern-teacher-voice comments when chewed up gummy bears were tossed across the room to gain the attention of one of the lonely females.  Oh…the excitement….oh the energy.

Please remind me of this feeling 5 weeks from now when I’m worn out and feeling like I’m already counting the days until our next summer break.  I hope you all have a great back-to-school vibe running through your home!

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