Bits & Bobs We ♥: Indian Summer

by Andrea on September 12, 2011

As folks have been packing up their flip-flops and sorting through their back-to-school supplies, Summer has finally arrived in Seattle!  And we are most certainly welcoming it with open arms.

Saturday night we were chatting with some friends visiting from Norway, and they brought up the term Indian Summer.  Us Washingtonians all agreed that yes, we are having an Indian Summer.  As far as I am concerned, and likely those in our group, an Indian Summer means a late spell of unseasonably warm weather.  For those of you who have not had the pleasure of hearing Seattlites complain, we have not had Summer this year.  This past week though, we’ve had a a solid block of 80 degree weather. Oh yea!

But lo and behold, apparently we are NOT having an Indian Summer… or at least not yet.  To be a true Indian Summer, the above 70 degree weather has to happen after the autumnal equinox and after the first frost.  Basically, this never happens over in our neck of the woods but happens frequently on the East Coast.  Hmmm… go figure.

So maybe it does not ‘technically’ began until late October, but technical-shmechnical, I say.  Ask any Seattleite and they’ll tell you that sun and 80 degrees in September qualifies as an Indian Summer. I’m sticking to it and am embracing our current ‘Indian Summer.’  This past weekend we took full advantage by doing what we haven’t been able to do these past few months – go to the beach!

Here’s Mo and the other beach goers at Golden Gardens delighting in the sunshine:

And, we were even treated to a visit by pirates.

I’m convinced they are Seafair Pirates, the Pirate Kings of the Northwest.  Brian is not so sure, saying it’s after Seafair.  I bet they are just messed up with the calendar given that we haven’t had a Summer until this week.

And to conclude, here is the sun making its descent behind the Olympic Mountains from Sunset Park, Ballard.

Happy Monday!

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