Bits & Bobs We ♥: The Strange & Curious Kid Objects

by Emily on September 5, 2011

Have you ever had the feeling that your child can sniff out the most curious of objects to take an interest in?  Or just the specific item that you’d like them NOT to play with?  Obviously it’s in their child-radar to pick up on these things but I have just found it amazing the “toys” that Pip has taken to over the last year of more independence.

Here’s one example below:  an old, hand painted but severely chipped, piece of garden art (if you can call it that) that Pip spotted behind our garage a year ago when we bought the house.  It was left from the elderly couple that owned the place since it was built in the 40’s.  And boy did they leave a collection:  all 7 dwarfs, 3-4 frogs, 1 raccoon, several mushrooms and 1 really strange leprechaun!  In this photo, Pip saw my camera and set the scene, placing Raccoon on the chair and then insisted on a cheese moment!


This raccoon gets toted all over our yard and in some instances it’s demanded by my wee one that we take it for rides in the car! NO!  Raccoon or Coon as we call it, is decently heavy, but Pip bends over, looks eye to eye, confirms over a small conversation with Coon that it’s up for some adventure and then will haul it to her playhouse, to her chairs in the yard, into her wading pool, to her swing, pushes it for rides on her bike, down our stairs to the vegetable garden to “eat” and then lets Coon rest in the garden to go ‘night-night!

I’ll tell you that we haven’t  purchased, been gifted or found another toy quite like Coon that she has played so much with in our yard!  Oh the imagination of a toddler….just the very bits & bobs that I ♥ about the journey of parenthood and toddler-times!

Do you have a story of a strange & curious object that a child near you has loved?

Happy Labor Day!  Can you believe it’s September already?




PS- You don’t mind if I do an EXTRA special shout out to Design Mom for showcasing Andrea’s beautiful birthday extravaganza for Mo & his too cute for words chairs do ya?  Umm…hello…yes you read that right…. Design Mom!  Andrea is a rock star!

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