Blog Fav: Amazing! Wood Cutting Boards!

by Emily on September 16, 2011

I am so pleased to be sharing this Friday’s Blog Fav and it’s a first for me.  Not because I don’t drool almost daily at the wonder that this lovely woman magically creates and (kid you not), was wishing I was working on this at 5:45 am Wednesday but instead quickly sent an email to Andrea that read something like “i’m in love with Centsational Girl”!  But back to the point, I am so happy to share a great DiY tutorial in making Wood Cutting Boards by the one and only Miss Centsational Girl!

Yeah, you’ve just seen the picture and think, like I did, not sure I can do that.  But, like I told Andrea yesterday, I’m putting a jigsaw on my Christmas list this year.  And maybe I’ll buy it for myself a bit early so that I can whip out some of these as gifts!  Amazing…..I’m in love with everything about them.  They look so natural, the wood is superb with beautiful grain, the thickness is perfect and the design looks like it would fit perfectly in your hand while balancing a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses in the other hand for an impromptu picnic.

I haven’t used a jigsaw since 7th grade shop class but I’m pretty sure this is on my to do list before the year ends!  Who wants to join me for a picnic once I get this done?

Oh, and one more thing, anyone notice that my partner in crime got a feature here on IHeartOrganizing?  Just scroll to the bottom where she leaves the lovely Jen (and I quote) “speechless”!  Oh yeah, she’s a rock star!

Thank you Kate from Centsational Girl for this tutorial that I am determined to do and thank you Jen for sharing Andrea’s amazing chairs!





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