Blog Fav: Four for the Price of Three

by Andrea on September 2, 2011

What is a girl to do?  Typically, we like to feature our ONE favorite blog post that we stumble upon in our weekly internet adventures.  This week – I couldn’t do it!  So you, our lovely readers, get three blog favs for the week.  PLUS a special treat.  Oh yea, it’s worth getting to the end of this post.  (Hint: bacon.)

To start with, not martha posted about her at home design for Project Runway.  We don’t have cable, but I’m addicted to what I like to call internet tv.  Hulu is my friend, my dear dear friend.  For years, I had been obsessed with all of the cop, law, detective shows (Law & Orders, CSIs, Bones, NCIS, White Collar, the Good Wife, etc.)  This Summer though, I’ve been addicted to competition reality TV shows (The Glee Project, Design Star, Project Runway, Food Network Star…. and Hell’s Kitchen.  I must say that Gordon Ramsey makes me so utterly uncomfortable, and yet I keep going back for more.)  SO, back to Project Runway and not martha.  Her post totally cracked me up. Not only did she share her design for Nina Garcia, but she shared how her imagination wrote her into the show.  Funny.  Plus, she’s from Seattle.  Yes!  And double plus, she’s been blogging for TEN years.  Awesome!

The second treat comes compliments of Not Just a Housewife.  Apparently, she has lots of mason jars around and came up with this mason jar wall planter.  I do not have a green thumb, but I’m sure I could keep them alive long enough for a party.  Wouldn’t this be lovely for a wedding, outdoorsy shower, or farm to table dinner?

The third post completely melted me.  Bower Power shared her son’s love for bubbles, and more importantly just how hard he works for them.  I don’t know how old Will is, but he looks to be within a year of Mo.  All I could think about while reading this was little Mo growing up, trying new things, and accomplishing small victories.  I am pretty sure I was tearing up by the fourth picture.  Here is a photo of Will working really hard at it, persisting, and not giving up. You have to go over and read the whole post.

And finally, bacon.  Well, sort of bacon.  This isn’t a blog post, but it’s a website, and it’s HI-larious!  Have you ever needed to use the text filler feature in Word?  Well why stick with boring old Latin, when you can have Bacon Ipsum.

Here’s a paragraph generated with ‘Meat and Filler':

Cow tempor commodo, pork veniam ut adipisicing in bresaola dolor sausage consequat. Pork belly est qui ut, voluptate ribeye jowl kielbasa anim enim jerky sed pig. Ham aliqua id eu laboris. Ex jerky in eu. Aute quis pork belly veniam culpa irure. Eiusmod dolore labore, aute sirloin turducken jowl bacon et eu sed rump. Spare ribs venison in chicken.

And here is a paragraph generated with ‘All Meat':

Beef ribs leberkäse pork loin cow kielbasa, turkey bacon tail beef short ribs pastrami shankle swine hamburger. Sirloin flank chicken, rump pork loin hamburger shoulder tri-tip kielbasa chuck. Salami pancetta prosciutto, filet mignon pig hamburger beef jerky. Meatloaf fatback hamburger, ribeye pastrami shankle bacon ham filet mignon pork. Meatball beef tail, turkey venison tenderloin ham frankfurter ground round bacon ball tip shoulder andouille shankle. Shankle capicola sirloin, ham short ribs pastrami pork strip steak andouille salami cow flank. Swine spare ribs strip steak pork loin beef.

Are you cracking up yet?

Happy weekend!

images via not martha, Not Just a Hosewife, Bower Power, and Bacon Ipsum

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