Blog Fav: Pedestal Bowls & T-shirt Quilts

by Emily on September 9, 2011

Happy Friday!  Today for me celebrates the end of a lot of teacher meetings leading into our very late start of school this year!  So, come Monday….let the good times roll in the classroom!

I saw a couple of really cool ideas in blog-land this week but these two especially caught my eye and instantly made me wish I had a couple more weeks of summer break to try them out myself!  Oh well…next summer!

The first blog fav is from The Crafting Chicks who had a lovely guest post from Kirsten about some DiY Pedestal Bowls.  Kirsten shopped local thrift stores for some candle sticks & wood bowls and then put them together with Gorilla Glue.  From there she primed, painted, glazed and stain sealed the pedestal bowls for a great, cheap & colorful splash for decorating.  This is sometimes my problem with decorating that I don’t know what to buy to get things UP!  I love this idea! I have a huge mantel that could use at least one of these!

Start here with the sanded candle sticks, wooden bowls and bases.

Primed and ready!

Painted and glazed!


Thank you Kirsten & The Crafting Chicks for this post.  I really appreciated this easy to understand tutorial!

My other blog fav this week came from Noodlehead, who just wrapped up a project piecing together old t-shirts into a cuddly quilt.  This is a project that I have saved some items for starting about a year ago.  I thought it would be fun to make a onesie t-shirt quilt for Pip as there are so many t’s and onesies that seems so special when your little one is brand spanking new.  I still see some of her clothes and think back to the days when she wore them.  I have these special ones set aside for a project like this.  At my rate in quilting and complete inexperience though it might be a high school graduation present!  :)

Thank you Noodlehead for this post and it’s so fun to see your t-shirts in a memorable way!  It also brings back many memories of nearly 10 years of competitive swimming myself in those great t-shirts!

Enjoy your weekend!





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