New Life To The Bird Bath

by Emily on September 22, 2011

There were various things left in our yard that I’ve talked about here, but the bird bath was hidden deep in overgrown rhododendrons.  The cement was chipped and I wasn’t really sure it would even hold water so last summer I just bought a really shallow plastic dish that I could fill with water to keep the birds happy.

My MIL had an idea that she shared with me after she had been on a garden tour and I decided to see if could replicate it.

Here’s where we started…

Then I buried an old cement block that I found behind our garage so that the pedestal would be stable.

Thanks to some landscape block adhesive for concrete that I put on the cement block above, and then on the top of the pedestal to attach the basin, things were much more secure!

Then I dug out an old colander that I had in an old box ready to donate and filled it to the brim with sedums and other small succulents.  Both of these types of plants do really well in rockery, along borders or just small crevices so I hope that they fill in the bird bath basin and hang down to bring a beautiful green glow to the otherwise drab cement bird bath.

I can’t wait for the new growth of spring to fill in the base of the pedestal…wow I can’t believe that I’m already thinking of spring.





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