Photo Collections as Gifts

by Andrea on September 29, 2011

I gave Brian the following photo collection probably about eight years ago.

I remember it taking me FOREVER to tint the photos with whatever crazy software I was using at the time.  These days, it is sooooo easy and soooo free.  I’ll show you how!

First, download Google’s Picasa.  If you don’t use this (and you aren’t a pro using Photoshop), run, don’t walk to download this program.  You’ll love it. In addition to organizing your photos and making it easy to share them online, it also comes with features to fix, tune, and enhance your photography.

Today, we’ll be using the Tint and Saturation features.  From Picasa, double click on your photo.  It will give you a screen that looks like this:

Click on the Effects tab and select Tint.  This will automatically turn your photo into black and white.  The screen will look like this:

Click on the Pick Color box to select your color.  The hexagons on top have been predetermined by Picasa as good tint colors.  Not too shabby, if you ask me.  I selected the second pink in the top row.  By just selecting the hexagon, my Eiffel Tower looks pinkish.  Yea!

In order to make a collection of pink Eiffel Towers for let’s say a girl’s room or your office, let’s boost the pink color.  Make a copy of the your first pink Eiffel Tower (File – Save a copy).  Double click on your copy and from the Effects tab, click on Saturation.  Slide the ‘Amount’ bar over to your liking:

Voilà!  A pinker Eiffel Tower!  For your third pink Eiffel Tower, we’ll repeat the last set of steps.  This time, make a copy of your second pink Eiffel Tower and double click. Click on the Saturation, and slide the Amount bar over to your liking:

So pink!  You can then print them individually and frame them like I did with my collection above.  Wouldn’t these four photos look so yummy in a white frame?

You can also use different tint colors, similar to my original project.  For this collection, I took a photo of Notre Dame Cathedral.  Using the steps for Tint above, I selected a red color from the rainbow box:

I then repeatedly tinted multiple copies of this photo in various colors.  For some colors like orange, yellow, blue, and purple, I used their predetermined options up top.  Since I didn’t care for the red and green options up above, I used the rainbow box to find the perfect red and green.  Here are what the six photos look like together:

After selecting your original photo, it will easily take you less than 15 minutes to tint your photos.  Once you’ve completed this, next up is to to print and pop them in a frame.  For little cost and very little time, you have a personalized and unique gift to celebrate any occasion!

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