Pip’s 2nd Birthday-Let’s Splash!

by Emily on September 7, 2011

We recently rang in another birthday, this time for Pip!  How lucky that we both have kids with summer birthdays for warm summer fun!  Really, the birthday ideas are endless for the summer themes!

Pip has been really fascinated with all things fish this past year, however any fish she sees she calls Nemo.  We’ve been correctly many times when we say “fish” and she corrects “no Nemo!”  Since she’s a little water kid, we decided to play on the fish theme and just have a splash filled birthday party.

Who wants me to throw this ball & splash you?

One of our favorite summer activities, playing with the paint brushes in the wading pool!

We planned a pretty low-key birthday party since we kept the invite list to immediate family & Pip’s bestest buddies but I did get up to some mischief with some of the birthday items.  The first is this little hat!  Last year I bought it for Pip’s first birthday party.  I thought it was a cute way to mark her year & happy that she wasn’t into tearing off hats yet.  So, I got out my stitch ripper and took off the 1, had to cut out a circle to cover the glue marks from the one and stitched on a 2.  I also had to sew on some longer straps as the original ribbon didn’t quite tie below her chin.  Easy peasy!  I have threatened to re-do the numbers until she’s 60 so look out!  I hope the cheap felt can last that long!

Another sewing project for me was the Birthday banner!  My in-laws have a wonderful banner that they hang up in their home for any family birthday and I have always wanted to re-create the tradition for my own family.  With a little research, and bouncing around a lot of lovely ideas in blog-world, I settled in on Kirsten’s Creations for her great tutorial and came up with mine.  I’ll detail the photos soon on the steps!

I don’t know if the end of summer for me meant some of my free time would soon be over with back to school rush but I was bound & determined to get just one more sewing project in…this time I decided that with such an intimate group, I could make towels with the kids initials on them.  It was such a quick project for me too-just measured in one nap & one evening for the 4 towels that I made.  I shopped around for the price of towels in local Ross, Fred Meyer, etc but ended up buying terry cloth by the yard from JoAnn’s.  I think that they turned out cute!  Unfortunately, the towels were snapped up before a picture of all of them in the bucket could be taken, so here you see the final towel which means it belongs to the last kid in the pool!  I’ll give a how-to on this later too.

Thanks to my lovely friend, I got to borrow all the paper rosettes from Mo’s birthday bash!  I have vowed to forever plan out Pip’s birthday party themes in same colors as Mo’s so that I can help prepare decor for both parties!  Thank you my dear friend for lending these color splashes to our otherwise dull awning!

And for the dessert…the dilemma of cake or cupcakes!  I decided to go easy on myself and make a cake. After perusing the google images “fish” birthday ideas, I ended up with this water themed topping!  Great idea from my dear friend Becky for the sour ribbon striped “towels” laying on the beach with a bottle of “cola” between them!  For the cake recipe, I followed a delicious recipe from  How Sweet It Is and her lovely Mother Lovett!  It was such fun to make and it tasted like Orange Cremesicle!  I’d like to try it again with the specific directions for the coconut icing.

Pip didn’t quite know what to do with all eyes on her & singing!  It’s okay when just Mom & Dad ooggle over her but a good 15 people watching made her a bit shy!

Thanks for letting me share the joy of the 2nd birthday!  Please tell me the 2’s aren’t really that terrible!!!





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