Rainbow Cake

by Andrea on September 14, 2011

I had been going back and forth on which rainbow cake to make.  As you have probably seen in your blog travels, there is this beauty out there.  Call me crazy, but this cake intimidates me.  Right up until the day before Mo’s party I toyed with the idea of making it, but in the end I worried that there was too much room for error.  You definitely can’t have a first birthday without a cake!

So I went for the less layered option as described by Omnomicon, and in the end was thrilled with the results AND not having had to deal with six individual layers of cake. To start, I decided to use this Classic White Cake recipe and a Lemon Cream Cheese frosting.

I made the batter, divided it into six bowls, and started adding the gel food coloring.  I used the Betty Crocker gels that you can pick up at any grocery store in lieu of fancy cake food coloring.  The colors turned out amazing.

As per the directions, you drop the colors in order, one by one, into the middle of the pan.  As you add another color, the bottom color spreads out, and this repeats each time.  In the end it looks like this:

Here is what it looked like when I pulled it out of the oven, and sliced a thin layer off of the top:

I couldn’t believe how vibrant the colors turned out.  With Omnonicon’s directions of layering the different colors of batter, you get all six colors with each slice.  I decided to keep the decoration simple and opted to just add some rainbow sprinkles to the top of the cake:

And here is one more look, after we got our little paws into it:

Happy baking and enjoy!

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