Seattle Lady Rockers

by Andrea on September 6, 2011

The hubby and I stole away this past weekend to celebrate a few anniversaries: 5 years married, 10 years together, and Pearl Jam’s 20 years as a band. But this was no ordinary Pearl Jam concert, it was a two day festival at Alpine Valley, WI.  They invited their friends to come out and gave us two great days of music.

In particular, I wanted to share with you two Seattle bands that are not only pretty awesome, but feature some incredible women!

First, and a love of mine for a year and a half now, I want to share Star Anna and The Laughing Dogs. Her style is alternative country with incredible soul. I’m not a music writer, so it’s hard for me to describe, but once she belts her first note, you are left mouth wide-open and in awe. Raw emotion drips from every note.  She is kicking off a multi-state tour, and I HIGHLY recommend that you check her out for yourself.  Here’s a sampler:

Next up and a band new to me, the festival also showcased a band called The Young Evils.  This four member band features a female lead singer and a female drummer.  Female drummers are pretty rare, and it’s always a treat to see them rock out.  Self described as folk, pop, with a hint of punk rock, they are sure to bring a smile to your face.  This cheeky little video captures them beautifully:

Hope you enjoy these local ladies and their awesome male band mates!

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