Trophies, Take Two

by Andrea on September 20, 2011

Visit your local thrift shop, and you’ll find a collection of trophies that have been cast aside.  I’m guessing that as kids move away to college, parents drop off boxes and boxes of trophies at their nearest Goodwill.

If you’ve looked at these trophies, they are not particularly attractive.  They are most likely made up of plastic and covered in gold.  Not so cute.  But what if you took your favorite can of spray paint to it?

For our three year wedding anniversary, I picked up one of the aforementioned trophies at Goodwill, spray painted it yellow, and gave it to Brian.

My inspiration came from our own collection of ultrarunning trophies that Brian has picked up over the years.  I thought it would be fun and maybe a little clever, to add my own trophy to his collection.  He thought it was funny, and two years later, it’s still on our bookshelf.

So I’ve been thinking, in addition to anniversaries, you can give re-beautified trophies for other Firsts/Seconds/Thirds like First Christmas, Second Home, or Third Birthday.  During my latest visit to Goodwill, I saw a fake Oscar.  What about spray painting that and giving it out for best pet-sitting performance, best cooking performance, or best performance by a President in the Home Owners Association category.

Just one idea to inexpensively and creatively mark a special occasion.

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