Bits & Bobs We ♥: Le Creuset

by Emily on October 3, 2011

Maybe it’s the weekend change in weather, but it sure didn’t take me long to start brainstorming my list of cool weather recipes! My mom had a great idea a few years back about buying me a gift that I could collect for each Christmas and Birthday.  Another perk to this gift, is that there’s an outlet store between her house & mine.  When I got my oval french oven out on Sunday to make a Thai chicken curry, I remembered exactly why this is one of my favorites!


I feel so lucky to say that I’ve got myself a small collection of Le Creuset bakeware now from the last few years as gifts from my parents and I just love to reach this out of the cupboard to cook with.  Oh…did I mention my entire collection is in kiwi green?  Oh yeah…real beauty!  I’m a real crock pot fan but sometimes it’s just nice to make it all in one place, have the space of a crock pot and it’s done as quick as you want it to be.

I do also love the look of the vintage Creuset in multi-colors from the latest Sunset Magazine (remember my love for them)!

These lovely ladies do cost a pretty penny so I highly recommend you give the outlet mall a glance first!

Here’s to fall right around the corner and coming quicker than I’d like, but happy that I’ll be frequenting my green gems.





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