Blog Fav: Neighborhood Maps, Crisp & Life

by Emily on October 28, 2011

I have to say that my blog fav this week is a bit varied.  First I’d like to share this great idea/gift for the little one that likes to drive their cars about.  The Giver’s Log listed this awesome idea from a seller on Etsy.  Then I found their website called Needed and Wanted that shows all the awesome mats and accessories you can buy to go on the mat.  I love the idea that Pip could really learn her neighborhood streets while playing.

Then I jump to dessert!  Remember when I tried out a new Apple Crisp recipe that I was hoping would taste like my Mom’s?  Well, after a brief lesson from Mom,  I saw this recipe this week and I think it lines up exactly like my Mom’s!  A Pretty Life in the Suburbs has a super yummy looking apple treat for ya!

Then there’s the great post by Blog con Queso about getting her life list in order.  You know the lovely Andrea has been inspiring all of us with her Life List so it was great to read another one.  My goal (and to show that I did my homework) is to bring my List to our annual Spa Party that we have during the holidays.  This is where Andrea first introduced us to this idea about a year ago.  I have just a couple of months to wrap it up!  I’m nearly there and have added to the lovely notebook that Andrea made for us each time I thought of something.  But thanks Blog con Queso for also inspiring me to keep up with it.  I am so overly excited each time Andrea crosses another off her list (like last week) that I hope that I can be productive on mine as well.

Have a wonderful & spooky weekend!



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