Green Gem: Kale Salads

by Andrea on October 4, 2011

A big fat kiss goes out to Dana for introducing me to the idea of using kale in salad.  Did you know you could use kale in salad?  I had NO clue!  This kind of blew my mind AND has revolutionized my lunches for work.

If you are already eating kale this way, kudos.  If not, here’s why you should.  (A) Raw kale is super crunchy and fun to eat. (B) You can dress it in advance (I mean like hours and hours in advance), and it won’t even begin to entertain the idea that it might want to wilt some day.  (C) It’s chock full of delicious nutrients, and this is an easy, no-cook way to get all of those vitamins in your tummy.

I know some folks did not grow up eating kale.  I ate it growing up, but only in two specific portuguese dishes.  I had it boiled with boiled cod (I’ll venture to say this is an acquired taste).  The second was in caldo verde, a delicious potato, kale, and chouriço soup.  But I never once considered eating it raw and never once thought about having it in salad.

Now that I think about it, this isn’t the first time that Dana has revolutionized my understanding of salad.  Years ago, she convinced me to consider eating fruit in my salad.  I grew up eating only veggies in salad.  I thought it was incredibly strange to put berries, apples, or mandarins with your greens and other veggies.  Today, I’m the first one throw in some strawberries into my spinach or pears with my arugula. Thanks, Dana!

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