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by Andrea on October 18, 2011

Thanks to Mo’s Avózinha, Brian and I had a date night last week.  The date was centered around a show at the Crocodile, but we wanted to grab a bite to eat in the neighborhood prior to the show.  My delightful coworker suggested Local 360 earlier in the day, and we were game.  I had never heard of it (I have since learned that they opened earlier this year), but she knows some of the people who started it.

For those of you familiar with Belltown, it’s in the old Flying Fish space right on First Ave.  It still has those distinctive garage doors in the front but has expanded to include a mercantile, also called Local 360, in the back.  Their thing, or ‘manifesto’ in their words, is to try and source as much of the food as possible within a 360 mile radius of their Belltown location.  They also believe in real, whole, and sustainable food.  We both really enjoyed our meals as well as eying all of the other dishes around us.

The decorations are warm and inviting.  The tables are big slabs of wood with dripping candelabras and tolix metal chairs.  They have a narrow second floor above a portion of the restaurant that offers several booths with a view of all the action.

Local 360 takes their food seriously, and judging from their menu, they also take their spirits seriously.  Even their spirits are local including wine, gin, vodka, and beer.  Speaking of beer, Brian and I both ordered their Local 360 Lager and LOVED it with a capitol L.  It was light, refreshing, and zippy.  This lager, unlike any we’ve had in the States, reminded us of the Portuguese Super Bock.  Delicious!  Sticking to their manifesto, they have worked with Alpine Brewing Company out of Oroville, WA to brew and distribute this brew.  Oroville is in North Central, WA, just shy of the Canadian border.

According to one of the managing partners, Marcus Russell, “We wanted to develop true local lager that was more in the tradition of Olympia and Rainier (both of which are still made, just not in the Northwest). Seattle has so many great ales, but sometimes one is in the mood for just a plain old crisp beer, and that is what we wanted to produce. We wanted something to drink after mowing the lawn or out on the boat.”  Done and done.  He was quoted in the Puget Sound Business Journal’s recent article on restaurants turning to custom brewing.

Local 360 is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Stop by and enjoy!

images via Absolutely Monica, me, Seattle Met

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