Painted Countertops – Voila!

by Emily on October 25, 2011

This is a project that I’ve been meaning to post for a couple of weeks now.  We’ve been so happy with the results of this product and feel that it’s bought us at least another year on our kitchen counter-tops. About a year ago we found the Rust-Oleum tint-able counter-top paint that we were excited to try out!  Our delay in actually getting it done is that we had to block out sometime when the cats and lil Pip wouldn’t be around to muck up the paint!

We have a friend who has an interest in helping us building concrete counter-tops but he’s booked out for a few months now so in the meantime we just decided to paint the current condition and try out a darker shade.  We decided that we’d like a charcoal color concrete so why not give it a whirl with the paint first to see if we really, truly like it.

So here is a before shot of the counters…in the dated white with gold fleck.

And a close up of the worn areas…

And here we begin the step-by-step process..

Sid worked on rolling the paint and I carefully hand painted the edges with a foam brush.

You can see it rolls out really smoothly! I was impressed by this.

Almost done…

Okay…things are back in place now!

Such a quick fix for an ugly counter.  Now…looks at those floors! If only we could just paint that too…..I think we’re in drastic need for something different there.

This really was a pretty easy process.  The hardest part for us was keeping everything off the counter for a few days while it cured.  If you’re looking for a quick update…this is a great product!





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