Pinterest Project: Pillow Bed

by Andrea on October 12, 2011

Today’s post is part of my monthly Pinterest Project series. Each month, I will try out at least one of the Pinterest projects that catches my fancy.  I get so excited about all of the ideas that I see on Pinterest, and then I do nothing with them.  They just sit there, sadly pinned to my boards.  Enough is enough I say; let’s change that!

Mo’s current favorite activity is to dive onto floor pillows with a running start.  Given that running is still new and a bit shaky, this whole event is pretty hilarious.  During my Summer Pinterest visits, I remembered seeing a pillow bed.  Originally, I thought that I could make one in a few years for Mo to use at sleepovers, naps, or movie watching.  But I soon realized that all of this running, flying, and landing on pillows would be perfect with a pillow bed.  Check out the original inspiration for this project:

And the pricetag that accompanied said item was 90 British Pounds (as of today, that’s $140).  Wha-at?  But it’s only pillows and pillow cases.  Right?  I was sure that just by stitching pillow cases together and stuffing them with pillows, I could have something almost identical.  So off I went shopping.

In the sale section at Ross, I found a set of zebra print pillow cases.  This wasn’t my original vision for this project, but I thought Mo would love an animal print bed.  I also found a set of brown pillow cases that looked great paired with the brown zebras.  Both sets of pillows cost a total of $8.  You’ll see in the photo above, that they used five pillows.  Given that Mo is a one year old, AND that four pillows are as long as I am tall, I opted for a four pillow version.

Next I was off to find inexpensive pillows.  A quick online search showed that I could currently pick up two for $6 at Kmart.  I stopped by our area Kmart and picked up the pillows for a total of $12.

The good news is that you real can just pin one pillow onto the other with about a 1/4 – 1/2 of an inch overlap and sew them together.  Repeat this three times, stuff with pillows, and voila, project is done.  Super easy.

What I ended up doing was a bit more work, but I’m happy with the results.  Turns out that even though both the zebra and brown pillows were ‘standard’ size, they were different lengths.  So I trimmed them up to make them the same length.  Additionally, I found that the pillowcases were a bit roomy for the pillow.  Since I wanted it to have a puffy look and feel (for Mo to bounce off them), I ended up trimming them all by 1.5 inches in height. It ended up being just a bit more work, but it was still completed during just one of Mo’s naps.

I’m pretty sure the thought running through his mind is, ‘Ahh, this is the life.’

Mo has a little cousin, BenG, who is only two weeks older.  They developed this new activity together, so I thought he deserved a bed of his very own.  Also at Ross, I found two sets of these blue pillow cases that have a sports motif.  Here are the two of them plotting their next adventure.

So each bed ended up costing me $20.  Much better than $140.  And they could be basically free if you have spare pillowcases and pillows at home.  I briefly entertained the idea of adding snaps or ties on the inside of the pillowcases to keep them closed.  After some test jumping, I confirmed that these pillows aren’t going anywhere.  To wash, all you have to do is pop out the pillows, and throw the cases in the washer.  (This might be my favorite detail.)  Plus, you can take them, sans pillows, on travels and fill them with extra pillows from your hotel.

I hope these beds will be around for a long time as the boys outgrow jumping (if they ever outgrow that), graduate to fort building, move on to sleepovers, and definitely take them to college.  Okay… so that last one might be a tad unrealistic, but you never know.

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