The Quest for the Perfect Costume

by Emily on October 5, 2011

When the autumn season brings all the changes in weather, food, and activities, I find that on my most stressful days I’m retreating to Pinterest to look at lovely #DIY #Halloween Costumes!  Little Pip doesn’t remember the concept of Halloween much but she’s been very vocal about what she wants and doesn’t want…almost daily.

First she wanted to be a hamster, then a bat (how she knows what a bat is was beyond me), then we settled on itsy bitsy spider and after a visit to the aquarium this weekend we’re on octopus now.  Since I know that this list will grow in the coming weeks, I’m on the lookout for easy DIY costumes and here are some of my favorites from surfing Pinterest!

AlphaMom created this wonderful owl

Better Homes & Gardens has this octopus, stuffing tights & adding furniture pads underneath for the suckers!


Just a little crochet work here at Piccsy


What fun this would be!  Can I wear this wonderful creation that Babble highlighted

I adore these!  I’d like to see an entire flock come to my door! Check it out over at Instructables!

This just makes me ahhhhh…..what a wonderful little bird cape from Prudent Baby

And this one just makes me laugh every time I see it on Pinterest!

I hope that deciding on a costume is going easier for you!  I realized that Mom authority only lasted for 2 years…now she has an opinion….a real opinion!  I can’t say that I won’t be back to share more because these are just so much for to find and share!

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