Visit a Pumpkin Patch!

by Emily on October 19, 2011

We finally got ourselves to the pumpkin patch this year!  We had so much fun last year I couldn’t believe that the end of October has sneaked up on us and we hadn’t made it until this weekend.  Pumpkin patches have certainly turned themselves into quite a tourist attraction.  I don’t remember all the hoop-la of fun for the kiddo’s like they have now.  I’ve found that Red Tri in Seattle has a great selection of patches to explore in the area.  They also give a great guide to Trick-Or-Treating in Seattle too!  Great website and tool for families.

We spent our morning at Schuh Farms in Mt. Vernon enjoying the warm sun on our faces and fall, brisk air.  Pip was a bit overwhelmed with all the people and we found that she almost would just walk herself in circles had we not toted her around to areas that we wanted to see.

Our visit to Schuh was a bit more involved than the farm we went to last year.  First, you park (free) across the street from the farm, where you wait for the shuttle bus to take you across the street (seems silly but all in due safety as you can imagine what a mess it would be having all the pumpkin-goers cross a small highway ALL day long!).  Near the parking lot, you have the wild pumpkin patch, corn maze, the recycled playground (complete with 2 goats, old tires to climb, a couple of beached boats, tire swings), the adult-friendly pumpkin sling-shot and last but certainly not the least….a helicopter ride (no we did not partake but by the looks of it, that helicopter was taking off/landing pretty frequently while we were there)!  On the farm side of the street there was the picked pumpkins – ready for the taking, barn animals, tot play area, face painting, pumpkin jump-house and a market place with more squash and varieties of pumpkins than I’ve ever seen before!

All in all a great way to spend a fall morning.  Here are a couple of my favorite pictures!

Clever idea…especially if you’re interested in seeing how much your child has grown year after year “How Tall Are You This Fall?”!

Then I got a bit nostalgic for our pictures from last year and HAD to include!  I guess Pip really likes hugging those green pumpkins…maybe a chip off the old block.  Love me the green!

Then look at our little darlings….and yes we did dress them alike on purpose!  Aren’t we clever …. or dorky?  Here’s Pip and Baby Mo!

Have fun at the patch!  Our pumpkins were much cheaper than at the local grocery store…all the more reason to get out and support your local farmer!





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