Ahh Haa…Great Idea for Iced Coffee!

by Emily on November 2, 2011

Don’t you love the section of the Real Simple magazine that shows the New Uses?  Or the Oprah Magazine Good Things section where they come up with a great solution to an everyday problem.  These sections of magazines are some of my favorite things to look at for clever ideas!  I also love that I’m finding these same clever ideas from Pinterest too.  Ahhhh Pinterest…..

One of these Ahh Haa ideas that we’ve been using in our home is the ice coffee trick.  We almost always have just a little bit left of our morning coffee and we’ve been putting it in an ice-cube tray to make a super quick iced coffee drink when we most need it (usually in the afternoon when we’re debating a nap).

I’ve got this fun ice-cube tray that I use for the coffee….just makes me feel happy when the cubes are in fun shapes!

Tray with lid so that you get some great round & diamond shape cubes!

And here we have a cheap iced coffee!

One other Ahh Haa use that I saw in Real Simple lately had to do with washing down feathers.  They recommend adding tennis balls to the dryer with your down feather products because it helps prevent the feathers from sticking together.  Interesting…maybe I’ll try that next time I wash my down jacket.

Do you have any clever ideas?

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