Bits & Bobs We ♥: Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

by Andrea on November 7, 2011

Let me just start out by saying that these are like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups on crack.  If you like those cups and you like dark chocolate, well, meet your new best friend.

I was first introduced to these at work where we have a chocolate drawer.  Making sure it’s constantly filled with goodies is high on our priority lists.  These lovelies appeared sometime last week.  First off, they are small.  This basically led me to eat 3-4 at a time.  But once you start, stopping is just soooooo hard. I mean, they are small. One more is just one more small cup.  You see my dilemma.

The dark chocolate is rich and yummy.  Inside, you’ll find creamy peanut butter. I want to focus on the creamy part, especially since it’s highlighted on the label.  With the batch we had at work, peanut butter would ooze out with each bite – almost as if some little elves were softening it up just for you.  This is why I’m saying that they are like the originals, but on crack.  Not only do you have dark chocolate (by fair the superior choice), but you also have soft gooey creamy peanut butter on the inside.

Now that I’ve built them up, I need to ‘potential’ burst the excitement bubble.  Since I take my blogging duties quite seriously, I bought a package of these lovelies to taste test at home.  You know, I needed to be really sure, like 40 little peanut butter cups to myself sure, that these were truly a Bit & Bob that I loved.  With this batch, the lovelies were still delish, but apparently there were no elves softening my PB for me.  I wonder if we got lucky with the batch at work, if I got unlucky with the batch at home, or if our offices are at the perfect temperature to deliver the optimal eating experience.  Well, I guess there’s only one way to find out, I’ll have to buy some more and experiment in both locations.  (hee hee hee, blogging is so rough)

In all seriousness though, even without the gooeyness, these are a great treat to have around the house, the office, or the home office, and they are quite affordable.  I believe the package was under $4.  Yay!

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