Custom Cufflinks for Him & Her

by Andrea on November 17, 2011

Are you looking for a unique, inexpensive, and easy gift to give over the holidays?  Make your own cufflinks.  A few Christmases ago, I took a couple of picks from one of Brian’s favorite musicians and added them to a pair of cufflinks from Goodwill.  You’d never know that they were ‘Best Man’ cufflinks prior to my upcycle.

Brian was pretty tickled with this gift.  I also have a french cuff dress shirt and decided to make a pair of my very own.  Now the possibilities of what you can glue onto a cufflink are fairly limitless (charm, guitar pick, custom image, coin, broken earring, crocheted flower, or anything else you want).  I was inspired by Ambrosia Girl’s mini Polaroid magnets that floated along the blog world several months ago.  It turns out that those were inspired by How About Orange’s mini glazed Pantone paint chips.  I love How About Orange, and I love Pantone everything, so I figured this was a sign.

I decided to create a glazed suitcase and globe for my set to remind me of all the traveling I have left to do.  I dug up Dazzle Tac jewelry glue from my first cufflink project.  (Don’t you just love finding the supplies you need at home?)  Here are my supplies, including the latest pair of $3.99 cufflinks from Goodwill.

Just dab a bit of glue on your item and attach it to your cufflinks.  Let this dry for several hours and voila!  Cufflinks!  Pop them into a jewelry box, and you have a quick and easy gift.  If you are gluing an item that you already have, like my picks, this is a five minute project with a few hours to let the glue dry.

Since I wanted to create these glazed items, that whole process took a bit longer.  I followed the directions on How About Orange.  My local JoAnn’s didn’t have Aleene’s Paper Glaze, as used by How About Orange, so I substituted Mod Podge’s Dimensional Magic. Like Ambrosia Girl, I found that adding the glaze to my images made the colors run.  Since How About Orange was using something that was printed, she didn’t have this problem.  If you use your home inkjet printer, you’ll also have runny colors.  I quickly solved this problem by adding a thin coat of modge podge to my image.  Once dry, I then added my glaze and let it dry overnight.

Happy crafting!

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