Dragon Fruit

by Andrea on November 1, 2011

Check out these beauties!  I had never heard of them prior to my trip to China, but these gorgeous ladies are known as dragon fruit.  They have curly pink skins and white flesh covered in black seeds.

I had my first bite within one hour of arriving in China.  The group I was with went back and forth on what dragon fruit reminded us of.  We settled on a cross between a melon and a kiwi.  They are delicately sweet, definitely not overpowering like a mango.  Additionally, they are crisp and slightly juicy which combine to make them a refreshing treat, similar to a watermelon.  In fact, most of my breakfasts consisted of healthy amounts of watermelon and dragon fruit.

You can slice it up or cube it, similar to a watermelon. Check out this ah-mazing presentation that I found at Kirbie’s Cravings:

During my visit to China, I attended a banquet one evening.  After dish upon dish of amazing Chinese food, the meal ended with a fruit course, not a dessert course as we are accustomed to back home.  Oh, they could have brought us some diced fruit or even a fruit salad, but no.  They brought out this fruit art sculpture.  I think most of us felt bad tearing into it. It was gorgeous!  But really, how can you resist this delicious and beautiful fruit?

This introduction to dragon fruit brings my list of fruits up to 106.  I’m just 394 fruits shy of reaching #25 on my life list.

The funny thing is that after I returned home, I was telling my parents about this really exotic fruit. I described it to them and showed them pictures.  They laughed and said they had just seen some for the first time at the fruit stand up the street.  I guess you don’t have to go all the way to China to discover dragon fruit.  Look for it at a fruit stand or Asian market near you!

images via me, The Flowering Garden, Kirbie’s Cravings, and me

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