Fall Leaves

by Emily on November 30, 2011

Before we officially say goodbye to Fall and hello to Winter, I wanted to post a gift idea that I did a couple of years ago.  Since Pip was just a wee one at the time and Grandparents were hungry for as many photos of her as we could get them, I made a couple of decoupaged mats for photo frames.

The leaves in our neighborhood were just beautiful and I gathered up the pretty ones and brought them inside to dry for a few hours.  Before they turned crunchy, I laid out the photo mats and used some Modge Podge and a foam brush to smooth them onto the mat.  At first, I attemped to wrap the leaves around the mat but after one try, I noticed that the leave would dry quite brittle and crack off anyway.  So, time not spent well wrapping the leaves, turned into me skipping that step.  I ended up just cutting off the edges that would be hidden behind the photo frame.  Once I had layered the leaves onto the mat and secured them, I let them dry to the touch and them did another 2-3 layers of Modge Podge.

Even though the leaves were a brilliant red when I started the decoupage project, I think that they turned into an awesome shade of orange and brown.  I kept the glass piece on the front of the frame (which I debated because of the beautiful texture of leaves) but I think that it has saved the leaves and helped to keep them in place.  I’d be curious how long they would last before cracking off, in spite of my layers of Modge Podge.

If you have any leaves around your yard that haven’t totally turned to sludge, like ours, this is a great gift idea!  For me it reminds me of that wonderful Fall that we were snuggled into our home with a very wee one admiring the red leaves on our stroller walks!

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