Our Little Gift Guide

by Andrea on November 29, 2011

How do you approach holiday gift shopping?  Do you buy gifts year round, and come November 15th, you are all set?  Do you stand in line at some frightful hour for Black Friday deals?  Do you walk to your neighborhood shops on Small Business Saturday and chat with your neighbors?  Do you make yourself a pot of strong tea or coffee and surf the Cyber Monday specials? Or do you careful hand make gifts for each and every one of your loved ones?

Everyone is completely different in their approach, and I love hearing about everyone’s tried and true methods.  I remember when my friend told me that her mom and sister basically have all of their holiday gift shopping wrapped up in July.  My jaw dropped.  I certainly find myself still searching out gifts well into December, each and every year.  I’ll never learn.

Most years, I always pick a few people to shower some extra attention on and give them something hand made by yours truly.  These are the gifts I enjoy giving the most and eagerly await my loved ones’ reactions.  While many gifts are practical, I’m especially fond of silly gifts.  One Christmas a few years ago, my SIL was addicted to a certain blog that will remain nameless.  This was her guilty pleasure.  She had been sending me weekly emails with, DID YOU SEE THIS POST?!?!??  I figured what better gift could she receive than a calendar highlighting photos and quotes from her guiltiest of pleasures.  She LOVED it, and she also said it was the BEST present she EVER received.  She was quite enthusiastic, and while I’m sure she’s received much better gifts, I know she’ll never forget that calendar.  Was it expensive?  Quite cheap in fact; just the fancy paper I bought.  Did it take time, certainly.  I went all the way back into the archives to pick the very best posts to feature.  Was it worth it? Oh most certainly.

For anyone who has ever made and given a hand made gift, you know they usually, not always, but usually thye take longer than expected.  But… there’s nothing better than giving a truly unique, one-of-kind gift, and seeing your special person unwrap your creation.

Sooooooo…. as the holidays are approaching and you find yourself searching for hand made gift ideas, we give you: Our Little Gift Guide.

You can quickly access it from the ‘Gifts’ menu tab just below our OLG header.  We’ll add several more ideas in the next few weeks for this holiday season, so check back.  We’ll also keep it updated throughout the year with any of our projects fall into the gift category.

Happy crafting, spray painting, sewing, knitting, modge podging, painting, and all other creative outlets!

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