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by Emily on November 8, 2011

Third times a charm right?  Saturday…went to Lynnwood hoping to make it to Hobby Lobby but lil Pip was near meltdown so we headed home.  Sunday…alone shopping time to Lynnwood, sang loudly to Adele all the way up to find this scene…

First thought…wow look at all those brand, spanking new shopping carts!  And no one is here…perfect shopping bliss especially without my toddler shopping mate to dictate when we have to move to the next aisle.  Hmmmm…why are those carts blocking the door?  Drat….closed Sundays!  I admit, at first I was mad…almost livid at the thought!  Here in America a super store closed?  I bet you Jo Ann’s is open across the street.  But by the time I had cooled off on my way home I came round to respect the idea and complimented them on their quasi-Euro feel of needing to time your shopping around a Sunday.

Third time…naptime Monday!  My escape to Costco turned instead into my third attempt….SUCCESS!  I made it in!  I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting but I tended to compare it most directly with JoAnn’s (which I might add is directly diagonal across the street).  I like that the outer shelving was nice and high but the center of the store was relatively low so you could see the scale of merchandise. (although hard to tell in this picture!)

At first, I got caught up in the holiday craze and did purchase a couple of updates for my tree.  It was hard to resist at 50% off!  Then the aisle changed from holiday to this…

How could a girl not start to really smile?  Office bling…brilliant!  Lovely stationary and super cheep…and all the wonders of scrapbooking aisle upon aisle!  A paper crafters delight!  Oh…and also in this general area of the store they had party aisles!  So cross JoAnn’s with a bit of Display & Costume?  YES!  Here’s my favorite finds in this section…(the umbrella & the balloon!)  AND, they had them in almost every color! EEKKSS!  Could you just imagine a display of balloons hanging in a kids room?  I’m so tempted!

Then I turned the corner into pure crafters’ delight, wood products, styrofoam, beads, miniature models, and into the fine arts of canvas, paints, easels, etc.  This photo is for Andrea who was just commenting on how hard it is to find plain t-shirts for kids without graphics or writing on them.  Look out Andrea…..they have them here!  Even onsies and adult sizing too!  I could hardly believe they could fill an entire aisle with shirt decorations like iron-ons, patches, applique and rhinestones!

There were loads of frames…almost too many to even fathom and a very large faux floral section.  Just as I was starting to panic about them NOT carrying fabric or yarn…..I saw an opening and oh yes….there was another whole room for that!  Hobby Lobby carries their own yarn brands but my only disappointment was the lack of needles.  This was actually my one mission in going and I needed a pair of DB 10.5 and nothing!  They either didn’t have sizes that big OR they were out.  The knitting/crochet section for tools was rather empty, sadly.  I’m hoping they fill it in more.  They did have some crazy good buys on needles though…just not in the sizes that I needed!  And some super cute ones that were plastic with twists of color spiraling through the needle.  I’d like to take inventory of my supply and maybe fill my empty slots with some of these!

This was another scene that surprised me! Look at all the options for clear glass jars!  But when I saw this I immediately started dreaming of a Silhouette Cameo which should go on the OLG Santa wish list (right Andrea)?  Oh the fun we could get into there!

The prices seemed really good across the store.  They also seem to have a great coupon system that I found easy to use.  If you sign up for email subscription, they’ll send out coupons to you.  For me the bonus was that I can pull up the email on my phone and they just have me read the coupon code to them to put it into the system.

My second most shocking news about Hobby Lobby (next to being closed on Sunday) was that their cash registers don’t have scanners.  They sales clerk literally types each item into the system and from near memory inputs whether it was on sale or not.  When I said how shocked I was that they didn’t have scanners, the sales lady politely said that they never will.  The owner insists on inputting each item so that he can employ more workers.  Scanners are easier and fewer employees are needed.  Seems like a real stand up fella right? (assuming it’s a he since the sales lady said he)

If you’re up for an adventure and have a project in mind, check out Hobby Lobby!  I’ll be going back… There are 3 current stores: Lynnwood, Spokane & Kennewick.  There will be another opening in Everett soon!

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