Table Decor: Pumpkin Tea Lights

by Emily on November 22, 2011

Thank goodness for Pinterest and all the amazing ideas that are shared!  (Don’t you wish that you invented that site??)

Anyways, thanks to an idea that I saw there, I wanted to share some of the prep for my Thanksgiving table decor.  I have a couple pretty pumpkin scented candles around the house but I wanted to add some texture to the table.  So, running down the middle of the table, as the centerpiece I made a couple of pumpkin tea lights.

Prep: Pumpkins/Gourds/Squash, Drill with 1.5 inch bit, face mask (really some stuff can really fly!)

Step 1:  Those little stems are hard to cut out so I just went for it with the drill.  This is where the face mask would come in handy.  Woody stem chunks flew everywhere!

Step 2:  Using some pressure and a good grip, keep drilling in a slow manner.  You’ll see that pumpkin matter is now flying everywhere!

Step 3: Insert tea lights! Voila!  So easy and so cheap!  Because I like to start decorating for my favorite holiday of the year immediately after Thanksgiving, I figured that these cute little guys should get their full use.  After table decor on Thursday, they’ll make lovely compost!

You can see from the original photo, I added a couple of squash to the mix.  I had so much fun I searched the house for other items that I could use. I’ll re-post with photos on Thursday with the entire table set!

Happy Turkey Day planning!  Only 2 more sleeps until we feast with family!





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