Tablets in the Kitchen

by Andrea on November 15, 2011

I have my solid list of recipes that I can whip up without consulting any cookbook or index card.  These aren’t many, but they are my staples.  And perhaps because they are my staples, I quickly tire of them and am constantly looking up new recipes to experiment with.  While I try to rip and file recipes from my magazines, I find that I usually just turn to the internet for some culinary inspiration.  Now couple this with the facts that I have zero memory and am constantly referring to my computer during cooking with sticky fingers, and I had myself a light bulb moment.  Andrea, you need a kitchen computer.  Not just any computer, but one that is immune somehow to spills, flour, and sticky fingers.

Then the first iPad came out.  Andrea, you need a kitchen tablet.  I was pretty sure this was the most brilliant idea ever, at least for my kitchen.  But those iPads don’t come cheap, especially for the harm that I want to inflict on it via sauces, creams, and syrups.

Then I read ‘Are Cookbooks Obsolete?’ just last week in the New York Times.  This was a fascinating read for someone who hadn’t really explored all of the possibilities that tablets bring you via apps, tutorials, and graphics.  All I had lusted after was my static recipe in front of me at the touch of my fingers…. but oh, there is so much more.  Through swiping and clicking, you can access a true wealth of information.  Ahhhh… this sounds amazing!  Check out the paragraphs about what the students at the Culinary Institute of America are doing with their iPads.  Insane, I tell you, simply wildly insane!

As of today, I don’t have my kitchen tablet but am curious if you have one.  The article mentions a women who says she won’t go anywhere without her tablet.  It’s not to say that tablets aren’t helpful in other facets of life, but I think a specific kitchen one, perhaps with some sort of special kitchen film protector, that lives fully charged and ready at a moment’s notice, should have a permanent home on my/your kitchen counter right next to the toaster oven.

Do you have a tablet that you use for cooking?  Do you have a kitchen exclusive tablet?  Is this just a silly idea?


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