Who’s Got Turkey On the Brain? Gobble, Gobble!

by Emily on November 16, 2011

It’s official, we are hosting Thanksgiving this year!  While some might feel some real anxiety over this, I am just excited.  I’ve got the best family and so happy that it’s just easy when both sides of the family get together.

The other part that is a relief to me is that I really don’t cook the entire meal.  The Mom’s always chip in….and they really chip in!  So my job usually ends up being the turkey, stuffing, beverages and maybe appetizers.  Easy peasy right?!

Here’s where my job gets tough…I’m a sucker, a total sucker for new recipes!  Funny that Andrea talked about that yesterday too.  We cut, clip, download, pass links to each other always looking for something new.  This month’s Food Network Magazine has an awesome article (they’ve also got a great feature on their website too) where they break down each main element of the meal in a “Mix & Match.”  The turkey M&M starts here, to brine or not to brine? Followed by “Make a Butter” (another tough decision) and then “Roast the Bird!”

Last year I did a brine in the form of a dry salt rub.  Even though you rinse the rub off, I worried that everyone else thought it might be too salty.  But I thought that it kept the bird moist and tender.    The FN Mag lists another brine that I’m attracted to called the Orange-Tea-Bourbon brine where you fill up a very large pot with water, orange juice, salt, sugar, black tea bags, bay leaves, cloves, peppercorn and bourbon.  Sounds really interesting to me!  And for those who haven’t “brined” before, you let this mix soak, usually overnight and then rinse the bird off.  There are so many brines to choose from!  Cider brine, honey brine, juniper brine, Spanish spice brine, lemon brine, herb brine, the list goes on and on!

Once the brine bath decision has been made, then I need to move onto the butter/rub decision!  Honey mustard, rosemary lemon, Asian ginger, paprika, classic herb, etc, etc…  You can see where these decisions can get tough!

Do you have a classic bird recipe?  Is it the same dish every year?  I’m looking for that famous Emily turkey recipe that I can replicate year after year….until then, I’m in love with dreaming of all the savory combo’s!

Here’s a couple of lovely birds that make my mouth water:

Bobby Flay’s Black Pepper-Pomegranate Molasses Glazed Turkey

Giada’s Herb & Citrus Turkey

Bobby’s Roasted Turkey with Jalapeno, Sage & Orange Butter

The traditional bird by Alton Good Eats Roast Turkey

I hope your Turkey Day planning is going well for you!

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