Baby Doll Love with DIY Diapers & Diaper Bag!

by Emily on December 22, 2011

Pip has fallen in love with her doll.  After nearly a year of not one bit of interest in the baby doll, we got her last year for Christmas, she has hauled that baby everywhere with us over the last 3 months!

Last Spring, Pip got the opportunity to spend some time with Tia and Mo while we changed our daycare routine and she started changing diapers.  I think it was because she got to watch Tia change Mo’s diaper and wanted to imitate her. It was usually just a brief episode while at Tia’s house with a bit of practice time when she got home.  With her new-found love of her doll, we have gone through a LOT of diapers around our house.  She always wanted to use her own diapers and wipes and she would stack them up in a pile of “dirty” ones after changing.  When she would leave the room, I would quickly fold them into the original shape and she’d do it all over again.

So, for Christmas this year, I wanted to make some cloth diapers for her to use so that we could get away from using her own.  Many of which has slipped into her own diaper pail unused.  I hate to think of how many she would sneak in there and $$ we’ve lost!  When I saw The Cottage Home and her tutorial of making doll diapers I knew I had my gift idea!  I followed her tutorial to a T, including printing the pattern off of Skip To My Lou.

Step #1:  Fabric cut from Diaper template!  I used a flannel for the main fabric and leftover terry cloth from the monogram towels as the interior fabric.  Of course those dolls will thank me with the soft finishing touches!

Step #2:  Pin fabric together with right side facing each other.  Sew around the entire diaper leaving just a 2 inch opening to flip the diaper inside out.  Press with an iron and then top-stitch around the entire diaper closing the opening.

Step #3:  Attach velcro to the tabs for easy closing!

Step #4:  Test subject…Elmo!  It fits!

Well this is when I got excited about my project and wanted to add more to the gift!  I saw what Mommy by Day, Crafter by Night prepared for her little girls and just fell in love!  So, here goes the diaper bag!

Step #1: Following all the steps from Ashley’s blog, I cut out all the fabric in the appropriate sizes and attached the fusible fleece to the main color fabric for a real sturdy finish.

Step #2:  I attached all the main color fabrics together, all facing inwards.  Get ready to flip and press with an iron!

Step #3:  Flipped…so cute!

Step #4:  Cut out a piece of cardboard that will fit the bottom of the bag for increased sturdiness.

Step #5:  It appears I forgot to photograph the making of the insides, but it went exactly as the outside did.

Step #6:  For the closing at the top of the bag, I rounded out the corners using a small cup to trace the rounded angle.

Step #7:  Sew the two fabrics together with right sides together.

Well, several steps later (sorry got going and forgot to photograph),  I pieced the top flaps onto the bag and attached some nice long straps.  This is how it turned out!  I also sewed some velcro onto the top of the bag flaps so that it was easy to contain all the diapers.

I think my little Pip will like this set!  If I have time in the next couple of days, I’m going to put together some white flannel wipes in a little holder so that we don’t have to use Pip’s wipes either.  Then make up a real quick changing pad so she too can change on the go!  Then our baby doll kit should be complete!

This was a super fun thing to create and my hats are tipped to Ashley over at Mommy by Day, Crafter by Night because her tutorial is just awesome.  Thank you so much for sharing!

Only 3 sleeps until Santa comes, and our little one can’t wait.  She keeps saying that Santa will be here in 13 minutes…I’m sure glad she doesn’t know what a real minute is!


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