Bits & Bobs We ♥: A Perfect Travel Purse

by Andrea on December 19, 2011

Having a perfect travel bag/purse is at the top of my priorities list when embarking on a trip.  I want to carry my essentials in a safe and practical way, without digging around too much or making myself a pickpocket target.

I had found that perfect bag back when I studied abroad during college.  It was a black Eagle Creek bag with adjustable strap and multiple pockets.  It was perfect and was so worth every penny.  However, after 12 years of adventures and lots of wear and tear, we parted ways during my June Purge.  It was time to find a new bag, and I wanted to kick the cuteness factor up a few notches beyond non-descript black.

I remembered that Emily had bought a LeSportsac bag a few years back and thought that it might just be a perfect substitute.   I checked it out and was convinced that yes, it would be perfect and was NOT black.  The pattern I picked is actually a far cry from black.  If you aren’t familiar with LeSportsac, the have so many many patterns – everything from borderline drab to absolutely wild.  I’m positive you can find one that you like.

I settled on the Deluxe Everyday Bag, and after two trips, I can confirm that it is indeed perfect.  The highlights of its perfection:

  • There are two large pockets that can fit wallet, camera, travel documents, water bottle, umbrella, guidebook, hand sanitizer, snack, and quite a bit more
  • Inside one of those pockets, there is an interior zipped pocket to store the extra important stuff that you don’t want to risk losing when searching for other things – I put extra money, passport, and jewelry in mine (It’s just barely visible in this photo, but the interior pocket is also lime green and in the front pocket)

  • The inside of my bag is lime green.  Yes, I obviously love the color, but the key to its perfection is that the bright color makes it incredibly easy to see and find everything in the different pockets
  • There are three exterior zipped pockets.  Two smaller ones on one side and a longer one that runs the length of the bag on the other side.  These are perfect for frequently accessed flat items like maps and transit cards
  • It has an adjustable strap that allows you to wear it around your neck or over your shoulder
  • Halfway through my trip to Beijing, I realized there was another zipper.  (I’m pretty observant and am still baffled how I missed this.)  Lo and behold, it is an expandable front pocket.  This comes in handy if you want to throw in your sweater or do a little shopping

  • Given that it is fabric, it’s easy to wipe down or wash as necessary
  • FINALLY, it is so not black.  Isn’t this wild pattern cute?

Now LeSportsacs can be spendy, but I lucked out and found one at Nordstrom Rack for half the price.  Yay! I have also seen them at TJ Maxx, in case you don’t have a Nordstrom Rack near you.  And there’s always Ebay.

I hope this one will last for at least a decade of travel and adventure!

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