Bits & Bobs We ♥: A Pretty Table

by Andrea on December 5, 2011

This holiday season, I’ve been taken with the color combination of gold and turquoise.  It is certainly not my regular take on the holidays; typically I find it really hard not to embrace my perfect shade of green.  But this year, especially after reading Creature Comforts contribution to Emily Henderson’s Holiday magazine, I was completely inspired to take another look.

This month was my turn to host our monthly Family Dinner, and I couldn’t resist getting the table all dolled up.  Here it is!

I took items that I already had, added some pretties, and called it good.  Target kindly provided me with all of the turquoise accents: snowflakes were 4 for $1, beads were $2, spiky stars were $2 a piece, and the jewel ornaments were a box of at least 15 for $6.  Target also provided me with the gold chargers at $1.50 a piece.  The tablecloth and candle holder were thrift store finds for under $4 each.  The name card trees were from Crate & Barrel at $2.50 a piece. And everything else was mine.

The funny thing was that I set up the table the night before our dinner, but after Brian had already gone to bed.  That morning, he had to get up really early to go on a ridiculously long trail run with friends.  He later told me that as he walked into the kitchen (obviously still asleep), he was shocked when he saw the table.  His first thought was, ‘Santa’s been here!’

PS – I linked up to The Lettered Cottage’s Holiday Home!


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