Bits & Bobs We ♥: Montlake Ale House

by Emily on December 12, 2011

Isn’t it nice when you can mix two wonderful environments…kid friendly and pub friendly?  The Bits & Bobs I wanted to tell you about today is the Montlake Ale House located in the Montlake neighborhood of Seattle, right along the 520-cut.  We had a great outing on Saturday night meeting up with some friends and watching in delight at how the girls have grown.  Better yet, we could relax because there is a “Kid Pit” and enjoy a local brew on tap!

Kit Pit you ask?  Oh yes, it is exactly that.  A sunken circle in the back of the restaurant with an elevated circular bar-like table arrangement that surrounds it, except for the stairway (4 steps-easy to navigate for toddlers) into an area that is clean, carpeted and filled with children’s toys, from books to legos and wheeled vehicles.

We arrived about 4pm for an early dinner and the place was empty.  But come 6:30 when we left, it was standing room only in the back of the restaurant filled with young families ready to pounce on our long table!  (So I do recommend an early dinner if you want your child to be able to play with the toys without a toddler tantrum!)

I wouldn’t go anywhere near this place during a Husky game but it’s a great find for someone looking to eat out in public with a child.  We have definitely gone in phases of being about to make it through a meal out in public.  This is a great solution.  So good that when we left, and the place was packed with families (sadly the rest of the restaurant was empty), Sid said we gotta get in on this phenomenon..Pints & Tykes, Kegs & Kids.  Oh the possibilities!

I wished I had taken some photos while we were there but I did find another site with the menu attached over at No Snivelling Blog.  Check it out!

By the way, the food was good too! I had a Prime Rib Sandwich that I devoured and Sid really enjoyed his Ale House burger.  Also to note, they rotate about 15 beers on tap to coordinate with the season and use primarily local breweries.

images via New Dad Cliffnotes & City Data

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