Blog Fav: Adventures of an Elf

by Emily on December 2, 2011

I am so happy to share my Blog Fav of the week today!  I laughed hysterically at this post from Babies Rabies and in the spirit of the Holidays I think we could all use some laughter.  Jill from Babies Rabies is a gem.  She makes me laugh and helps me verify that I’m not alone when these crazy adventures of parenthood pop up.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading her adventures of an Elf!  I laughed so hard that I had to pass it along.

Having been tempted to purchase the Elf on a Shelf book myself, I could barely contain myself when I saw what fun the parents can have with it.  I also appreciate her humor with it because I feel like I might do exactly as she has in getting really excited about finding a new hiding spot then, two days into it, wake in a panic because I forgot to move it to a new place, only to find my 2-year-old disappointed in her “elf”.

In Jill’s honest and exhilarating ride of motherhood I can see myself in a lot of the posts she shares.  This one made me giggle this week and I can totally see this happening!  As I type, I just found my little Pip with a tube of toothpaste in her hand trying to spread it on her doll’s bottom because she has an “boo-boo”.  Oh what fun!

Check out Inappropriate Adventures of Elf on a Shelf and you’ll get a good Friday laugh!

Happy Weekend!


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