Christmas Cookies-Gotta Love the Spritz!

by Emily on December 20, 2011

As if the holiday season doesn’t fill your calendar enough, I wanted to settle into this lovely luxury later in the week until I realized that I just HAD to bring something nice for my students before we part for break.  And boy do we all need a break!  Kids are goofy….teachers are on short tempers – whoops did I say that?

Anyways, in the hubub of packing up for the trip over the river and through the woods to the lovely isle of Fidalgo, I’m in the middle of making one of my favorite Christmas traditions…Spritz Cookies!

Spritz cookies are one of my earliest cookie baking memories.  I seem to remember the science that it takes to squeeze out the dough to make the perfect poinsettia, making sure to keep the dough a certain temperature not to melt away when you put onto the warm cookie sheet and not to cold that all the pieces fall apart.  This picture is perfection…not my cookies, mine are bit more of a hack job but I decided to give up on perfection until after 2:35 pm Tuesday because what 15-18 year old is really going to admire my cookies.  I’m lucky to get a quick “thanks!” (Wait….why am I making these again??)

Thank goodness for Wikipedia to teach me a thing or two about these lovelies.  The Spritzgeback is a German cookie (duh) and are a sweet, buttery cookie made of butter, eggs, flour and sugar.  The German verb spritzen translates to “squirt” in English which is exactly what you do with the cookie press.

I’m using a vintage cookie press that just makes me smile.  I wish I had been able to find a copyright date on the instruction manual but by the red check decor, it’s looking very 1950’s.  I think that Ms. Spritzen and Betty Crocker must have been in the same design meeting.

Back to the cookies….pure delight.  They are easy to make, taste wonderful and a batch makes about a thousand cookies!  The cookie press kit comes with all kinds of designs that you can use to make the perfect holiday treat.  Although I wonder who would actually make the camel cookie, my personal favorites are the wreath, poinsettia and tree.

Do you have a favorite holiday cookie?

This is the cookie book that we found all of our cookies come this festive time of year.  My Mom still has the book that is worn, pages tearing and full of love.

Cheers to all your holiday baking!  I hope you find it relaxing and joyful!  I think I’m going to make another batch post Tuesday afternoon that will be very relaxed and baked via Elvis Presley Christmas music!

Happy Holidays!

images via Pinterest & Barnes and Noble


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