Create a Car Cozy in NO Time!

by Emily on December 8, 2011

I have to say that I’ve been just enamored with The Cottage Home blog lately!  I have found some cute ideas that I’d like to try out soon.  The doll diaper set is on my list to make for Pip before Santa arrives!  Can’t wait to get out of school and start it!  I was wrapping up my gift for Mo last week and suddenly felt like I hadn’t completed my “theme” for the gift.  We got the little cutie a backpack and we were trying to fill it with a couple of items to help keep him busy on his big airplane trip.  Pip and I made him some Play Dough and then I saw this…..Car Cozy, again from The Cottage Home!  Although I did have a good time looking through Homemade by Jill’s version and My Little Gem’s cozy too! (I know…had no idea we nearly had the same blog name!)

I was super excited about this idea and almost immediately found myself at the fabric store looking for transportation fabrics.  Lucky me-Clearance area!!

I cut out the fabric in the following measurements:

1- Car Fabric 18.5 inches X 9 inches

1- Car Fabric 18.5 inches X 12 inches

1- Coordinating Fabric 18.5 X 6 inches

1- Road Fabric 18.5 X 6.5 inches

1- Interfacing 18.5 X 6.5

1 yard of ribbon

Strip of yellow road “paint”- I used felt

Step #1:  Lay the interfacing face down on the “road” fabric and iron into place.

Step #2: Cut out the yellow road paint fabric.  For this I just bought a square of felt and used a small edge of it.  I also applied some double-sided interfacing/pellon paper underneath it so I wouldn’t have to sew it into place.  The pellon paper held really well too.

Step #3:  Lay out coordinating fabric and then fold the 18.5 X 9 inch fabric in half and pin in onto the coordinating fabric. I put my pins every 3 inches to separate the car pockets.

Step #4:  Lay the pocket side facing the road side fabric and sew together so that you have one half complete.

Step #5:  Lay the entire 18.5 X 12 inch car fabric right side facing each other and sew all the way around the rectangle leaving just about 3 inches to flip the fabric right side out.

Step #6:  Flip the fabric around and top stitch around the entire car cozy.  Here are the little cars peeking out of their pockets!

Here they are driving their new roadway!

This was a really fun project to do.  It took no time at all either!  If you’re looking for a gift for a car loving child, check out this quick and easy project!

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