Personalized Flashcards & Printable Set

by Andrea on December 7, 2011

Our little friend Carlos is learning his letters, and I thought a special set of flashcards would be perfect for this year’s Christmas.  And because I can’t leave well enough alone, I took great care to find the right font (it’s totally awesome and free!), sweet colors, and familiar photos to sprinkle amongst the lions, umbrellas, and xylophones.

I also decided that this gift should be a turbo version of flashcards.  I wanted Carlos to have multiple ways of using his flashcards; so instead of one set, he got three.  The first set of cards shows the upper and lower case of each letter.  The second set features a photo for each letter of the alphabet and has the word spelled out underneath.  The third set only features the photos from the second set, without the words underneath.  Little ones can use these cards in the following ways:

  1. Learn to identify and write the different letters of the alphabet by using the first set of cards.
  2. Match cards from the first set (letters) to the second set (photos with words). This should be easy as the words are printed right on the card.
  3. Match cards from the first set (letters) to the third set (photos without words).  This requires the child to remember how the word is spelled.
  4. Match the photos from the second and third sets, a la memory game.

You can see where instead of showing a tree, I put a picture of myself for Tia.  I added photos of his kitties for ‘Cat’, his house for ‘House’, and special people like his family and friends.  He got a big kick out of it.  It was precious watching him flip through them and say, ‘Oooo, Pip.  Ooooo, Mommy.  Ooooo, ukukele!’  Funny guy – it was actually a violin, and his folks weren’t sure where he learned about ukukeles.

I printed these on lightweight card stock and pasted them to scrapbook paper.  You can fit nine of these 3.25” x 3.75” cards per piece of scrapbook paper.  Each set has it’s own color to help organize them back to their proper sets.  And because little Carlos takes after Tia and is a bit OCD, in addition to the color coding, I also made little coordinating dividers for his flashcard box.

For you my lovely readers, I created a generic set of flashcards that any child could appreciate. You can download all three sets right here.


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