Bits & Bobs We ♥: Redi Shade

by Emily on January 16, 2012

As I’ve been looking through a lot of DiY projects around the internet, some remain unfinished spaces that are in a state of “in the works” for a while.  We are in this state with our basement.  We tackle little projects bit by bit, as our time and money permit.  No pressure to finish it this year, just working away as we’re happy to. With a recent string of break-ins (or my favorite British phrase “being burgled”) in our neighborhood, I wanted to make sure safety was at the forefront of our minds and our safe-keeping’s downstairs were being hidden from plain view.  So the bits & bobs I wanted to share today that we certainly couldn’t have lived without, are the Redi Shade temporary blinds. I know this isn’t as exciting as a new restaurant or bar of chocolate but it’s important to me so I thought I’d share.

I’m almost certain that I read about these things on a blog somewhere and the best thing is that they’re so cheap!  We’ve got new windows for our basement but haven’t installed them yet so I haven’t wanted to invest a lot of time/energy on new blinds until I see what the finished product looks like.  These blinds have been a great solution.  I got them at Home Depot and have never paid more than about $10 for the larger size.  For our small basement windows, I paid under $5!  There are all sorts of shade solutions: light-filtering, black out, cordless, arch, pleated, etc too.

We used these on our upstairs windows for one full year and surely got more than the $25 use out of them!  It’s a great time-buyer while you figure out what your design style will be.  My Mom is currently deciding on some blinds for her front window and until she determines if the top-down, bottom-up ones will work for their window, she’s also got these hanging!

Check them out if you’re just settling into a new home, remodeling or just have a sheet hanging over your window!

image via Redi Shade

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