Blog Fav: Bravery in a Dress

by Emily on January 6, 2012

I admit, I’m behind the times on the adventures of The Traveling Red Dress Project, but when I read about it this week on Blog Con Queso, it made me smile.  I smiled for Jenny who launched this great adventure, I smiled for Laura who danced on her front porch to ring in 40 and I smiled because this is a similar idea we’ve had with friends.

Why don’t we dress up more often?  Why are we waiting for an excuse for a ball, wedding or company party to add a bit more gloss?  This idea is brilliant….way to go Jenny!  I love your energy and enthusiasm for embarking on this journey, not only with yourself and showing how brave you can be, but also for sharing it with other women, who you’ve empowered to dress up!

We’ve talked about getting a group of girls together and going away for a weekend, packing our wedding/bridesmaids dresses, then just sitting in our hotel room drinking vino, ordering room service and laughing like we were 16!  Why do we have this special dress all packed away?  Why not wear it more than once?

Laura mentioned being brave in the new year….I think this is just the thing to put on your resolution list!  I am far from brave when it comes to clothes.  That’s why I enjoy the company of my dear friend B when shopping for something different!  She has a way of making leopard print make me feel like the queen of the ball!

Thank you Jenny!  I so enjoy reading your blog!  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll wear a dress tonight when I get to meet up with a couple of old friends for drinks!

image via Blog Con Queso & The Bloggess


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