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by Andrea on January 27, 2012

Well, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Ever since my co-worker mentioned that she was having a craft night with her friends to make valentines for their sweeties, my brain has been swirling with ideas.  I think I’ve come up with a good idea that incorporates favorite songs, photos, crafts, and GLITTER. My hope is to work on said project this weekend, if it turns out, I’ll share it with you all next week.  If it doesn’t, I might still share it and see if you can give me advice on where I went wrong!

As I mentioned, making valentines has been been top of mind, and I couldn’t resist crushing on these bookmarks during this week’s blog travels.

On Thirty Handmade Days, Allison shares a step by step on how to make these precious little gifts.

She also generously shares a printable for you to downland and complete with the names of all your sweeties. I like the idea of making these for all of your friends or neighbors or coworkers or favorite baristas or… how about you just make a bunch and keep them in your purse.  Then hand them out to awesome people you cross paths with during the week of the 14th. I believe that I just found out how I’m going to use my coupon at Joann’s this week!

Happy weekending!

images via Thirty Handmade Days

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