Burgers in Seattle

by Andrea on January 3, 2012

Most people start out the New Year with fitness resolutions; we started ours with burgers and fries.  We were invited out to dinner last night, and it’s hard to turn down a good burger and fries combo.  If you are in Seattle, I have two yummy recommendations for you.

First off, for burgers in Ballard head over to Zak’s.  They have delicious burgers, fries, milkshakes, and beer.  What I love about this joint is that they make junior size burgers (not just for kids) that are only 1/6 lb in size.  Typically, a regular sized burger for me is too much, so this is just perfect.  They are also conveniently located next door to Majestic Bay movie theater right on Market Street.  Back in the day, Brian and I did many a burgers and movie date combos. And if you need more convincing, Brian Canlis, the owner of one of the finest restaurant’s in Seattle goes to Zak’s weekly with his wife and even proposed to her over fries and a strawberry milkshake at Zak’s.

For my second recommendation, we head over to Capitol Hill to the newish burger joint, Lil Woody’s.  You’ll find interesting burger combos like their ‘The Fig and The Pig’ with pickled figs and bacon, or ‘The Trotter’ with caramelized onion and apple. I’m a huge fan of really really good fries, and theirs makes the cut.  They are thinner than most, just how how like them, and tastily crispy.  Yum yum – just check out the photo below.  Brian on the other hand, couldn’t stop talking about the burger buns.  I don’t know which bakery they get them from, but the buns really do stand out.  Lil Woody’s also serves beer on tap and milkshakes made with Molly Moon’s ice cream.  For those of you with late night munchies, Lil Woody’s serves up burgers and treats until 3 am on the weekend.

So if you get a craving in Seattle, you know where to go!

* Full Disclosure: one of my relatives is connected to Lil Woody’s.  Having said that, what I wrote is truly how we felt about our experience.

images via Zak’s and Lil Woody’s


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