Crochet Revisted

by Andrea on January 19, 2012

A few years ago, pre-Pinterest, I came across a bedspread in a magazine that made me swoon.  I say pre-Pinterest because unlike today, I wasn’t able to pin and more importantly file away the photo for future inspiration. This also means that I can’t share the photo with you nor tell you where I found it.

Let me try to explain the beauty that was the bedspread… First, you need to know that it was in a very modern California beach home filled with bright pieces and clean lines.  The bedspread itself was a classic white crochet blanket made of crochet circles that were stitched together in rows.  In this home, they took this classic bedspread and laid it over a vibrant orange sheet.  The orange underlay transformed the crochet bedspread from classic and vintage to modern and bright.

Since seeing this photo, I’ve always thought this look would be perfect for the Spring or Summer. This led me to take a stroll through Pinterest to see if I could track down the photo.  I’d recognize it anywhere.  No such luck, but I did find many other modern crochet gems for our homes.  I never knew crochet could be so versatile, and I bet you didn’t either!

First, you could have crochet lamps or even an entire chandelier.

Then you can go beyond the doily and decorate your home with crochet pillows, bowls, or poufs.

Have you ever seen crocheted furniture?  Check out these fabulous seating options.

Finally, don’t limit yourself to the inside of your home.  Venture outside and embellish your fence or tree.

For the links to these photos and to check out other modern takes on crochet for your home, check out my Pinterest board.

Looks like I need to dust off my crochet skills and get to work!

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