How To Fill The Fireplace

by Emily on January 10, 2012

We have known for approximately 1 year and 6 months that our wooden fireplace is “not up to code”, yet we weren’t exactly sure what we were going to do about it.  Just once my MIL and I got into a little trouble and starting pulling the facade off the fireplace surround to unveil beautiful tile that matches the base, only to have to put it back up because it would have started at least a day long clean-up mess.  That we didn’t have time for.

So just recently, I begged and pleaded to have the strong men-folk remove the fireplace, and voilá I am a happy girl!  Even though we’ve got a piece of cardboard currently blocking the large hole, I’m still very happy that the heavyweight, not-to-code-beast is out of site!

But it has got me thinking…

Once I get it cleaned out and soot free, what should I do with it?  Ideally we’ll hook up a gas insert, but for the meantime there seems to be some fun possibilities floating around.

Logs, via Pinterest

Candles, via Style Me Pretty

Logs + Candles, via Pottery Barn

Fall Decor, via Country Living

Winter Greens, via DigsDigs

Quick Fix of log + string of lights, via Time Out Chicago

Or my personal favorite … BOOKS! via Apartment Therapy

Or perhaps just paint it a bright colorful pop to add interest to the room.  For now, I think I’ll draw a fire scene on the cardboard with Pip’s markers.  But these are great ideas and maybe one of them will stick around until we can spring for the insert!

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