Neighborhood Gem: Maple Leaf Grill

by Emily on January 12, 2012

Ahh, what a day!  Just had a great, exhausting, long day of student fun and boy was I ready to NOT cook!  Lil Pip is up visiting her grandparents so the Mr and I went on a date.  Felt like an eternity since we made it through dinner without catching food flying around or trying to bribe her to eat main course of the day.

We decided to walk up to the local Maple Leaf Grill (which we have never been to even though we frequent our favorite hardware store directly across the street many, many times) and check out the fare.  Absolutely delightful!  The have a great local brew selection on tap-approximately 12 of them,  as well as a moderately priced wine menu from around the world, many available by the glass.  We sprung for an appetizer of great hearty baguette and kalamata olive, sun-dried tomato & garlic tapenade.

Word on the street, the ML Grill has been around since 1989 and it its current location since ’99 in a commercially zoned grey house on the corner of 90th and Roosevelt.  Seating for the restaurant is spaced out amongst the “rooms” of the building and you can cozy up to the U-shaped bar next to the fireplace too.  We arrived just before 6pm and there was a steady flow of individuals, couples, friends and families coming through the door the entire time we were there.  This place is tucked away off the street, the flow of customers surprised me and made me wonder why this is the first time we’ve been.  A great local treat!

I had a magnificent Beef Stronganoff and Sid was game to try the Burger.  Both were really good…I mean really good!  Portions are hearty there so be warned, you probably don’t need an appetizer but everything was top-notch.  Even ended up with a good portion of my meal all packaged away for lunch tomorrow!

If you’re in the neighborhood, or looking for an outing, this is a great “grill” find.  Check out their menu

I’m certain you won’t be disappointed!  Oh, Happy Hour fare also looks tasty Wed-Fri 3-6pm!

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